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VersaCache CX8000 - Overview

VersaCache™ CX8000

Improve application performance by instantly caching fibre channel attached storage

  • Accelerates Application Performance Many Times by Delivering up to 400,000 IOPS
  • Provides SAN Caching and File Caching in the Same Subsystem
  • Scalable Architecture Supports up to 1TB of Memory to Handle the Largest Applications
  • Delivers Unparalleled Data Availability and Integrity
  • Protects your Investment in Existing Server and Storage Infrastructures
VersaCache SAN Cache
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Designed to accelerate mission-critical application performance, VersaCache is the largest, fastest external caching appliance in existence. While CPU processing power has doubled every 18 months, disk drive performance, as measured by mechanical and rotational latency, has only doubled once in the last 10 years. The performance gap between computers and external disk storage continues to widen. As a result, applications and users spend much of their time waiting for the retrieval of data from disk, lowering productivity and wasting CPU cycles. VersaCache is designed to alleviate the performance bottleneck omnipresent in today’s Fibre Channel storage networks by using high speed DDR memory to provide up to 128 gigabytes of near-zero latency storage per 5U subsystem.

VersaCache Flexibility

VersaCache can be directly attached to a server or can be deployed in a Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) environment where multiple servers can share the system’s caching resources. The system supports all Fibre Channel topologies and connection speeds up to 4Gb/s.

VersaCache is the industry’s only caching appliance that can be partitioned as a block-level SAN cache and as a file cache (i.e. solid state disk). The subsystem can be used as all SAN cache, all solid state disk (SSD), or as a combination of both. This flexibility allows VersaCache to be configured and tuned to provide optimal performance for a given customer’s application environment. By supporting both caching methods in a single subsystem, customer’s can achieve the best possible price/performance.

Since VersaCache is designed with an industry standard disk interface, applications will run without modification protecting the customer’s investment in application software.

The system’s modular architecture supports field upgrades of memory capacity (in 16GB increments) and Fibre Channel links to easily scale both system capacity and performance.

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