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Our professional service offerings make storage networks more productive resulting in increased application performance and better utilization of storage resources. Not only can we increase your corporate productivity, but we can significantly lower the TCO of your IT infrastructure through our mainframe rehosting and legacy application modernization services.
SAN Optimization

We offer SAN optimization consulting services to increase the productivity of storage networks. Along with application tuning, we utilize the VersaCache and server memory to remove application performance bottlenecks thereby significantly increasing the performance and capacity utilization of storage networks.

Mainframe Rehosting

We have partnered with Sun Microsystems to offer mainframe rehosting services. Migrating mainframe applications to Sun open systems servers can reduce annual hardware and software costs by as much as 75 percent. Typical return on investment is less than 24 months while customers benefit from greater flexibility, scalability and often performance.

Legacy Application Software Modernization

Our legacy application modernization services migrate legacy software applications to modern architectures using an automated toolset. Applications developed in DB2/Cobol, Adabas/Natural, Ingres, Informix, Sybase, IMS, IDMS, MS Access, MS Sequel, and others can be transformed into multi-tiered applications based on the J2EE architecture.

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