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FibreQuik MC1000 Host Bus Adapter - Features

FibreQuik™ MC1000

  • Supports full 100 MB/sec data transfer rates on Fibre Channel arbitrated loop
  • High Performance 64-bit streaming DMA transfers on the Micro Channel Bus
  • Supports 160 MB/sec burst rate on the Micro Channel Bus
  • Simultaneous multiple host and target connections
  • Supports point-to-point and arbitrated loop connections
  • Integrated copper and optional optical MIA interfaces
  • Works with Cambex Alternate Channel Failover software for superior performance and availability
Cambex MC1000 HBA
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Full Compatibility

The FibreQuik MC1000 is compatible with leading Fibre Channel hubs, JBOD and RAID disk storage arrays.  It comes standard with AIX software drivers, supports the SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol, and provides point-to-point and arbitrated loop connectivity.  Support for both copper and fiber optic cabling is provided through integrated interfaces or through an industry standard media interface adapter (MIA).  Downloadable firmware ensures that future enhancements can be accomplished in the field. 

Superior Performance

The FibreQuik MC1000, supporting Fibre Channel data transfer rates of 100 MB/sec, operates two to five times faster than the Fast/Wide SCSI and SSA interfaces currently used in Micro Channel based RS/600 and RS/6000 SP processors. It supports 64-bit streaming DMA transfers including the 160 MB/sec burst data rate on the Micro Channel bus. FibreQuik's architecture employs an embedded RISC processor and separate integrated FIFOs for simultaneous data transmit and receive. Only one interrupt is generated for each SCSI operation, resulting in ultra high performance with minimal host CPU overhead. 

High Availability

Dynamic Path Failover (DPF) software along with two FibreQuik MC1000S.in each host server provides full data availability in the event of an adapter, cable, or RAID controller failure (in dual controller configurations).  In addition, with dual Fibre loops in a Fibre Channel disk array the Fibre Channel data rate can be effectively doubled to 200 MB/s. 

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