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FibreQuik PC2000 Host Bus Adapter - Features

FibreQuik™ PC2000

  • Supports 400 MB/s Full Duplex Fibre Channel Data Transfer Rates
  • High Performance 64-Bit 66 MHz PCI Bus Master Provides Data Transfer Rates of up to 533 MB/s 
  • Supports Point-to-Point, Loop, Fabric and Fabric Loop Connections
  • Direct Optical Fibre Channel Connection
  • AIX, Linux and Windows Software Drivers
  • Optional Cambex Dynamic Path Failover Software for Superior AIX Performance and Availability
Cambex PC2000 HBA
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Full Fibre Channel Compatibility

The FibreQuik PC2000 is compatible with both 1 and 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel hubs, switches, tape libraries, JBOD and RAID disk storage arrays. It comes with AIX, Linux or Windows software drivers, supports the SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol, and connects in any topology. The PC2000 conforms to PCI Local Bus specification 2.1 and is fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit PCI busses.

The FibreQuik Performance Edge

The FibreQuik PC2000, supporting Fibre Channel data transfer rates of 200 MB/s in each direction, operates two to five times faster than the SCSI interfaces used in most storage servers today. It supports 64-bit bus master DMA transfers at rates up to 533 MB/s across the PCI bus. The PC2000's architecture features five independent DMA channels for commands and data to reduce latency as well as independent send and receive frame buffers for full duplex operation. To minimize CPU utilization and optimize performance, an embedded RISC processor completely executes SCSI I/O commands generating at most one system interrupt per I/O operation. 

Higher Storage Availability

Cambex has developed Dynamic Path Failover (DPF) software for use with its FibreQuik adapter family to provide higher performance and availability in mission-critical AIX environments. DPF along with two FibreQuik PC2000S.in each host server provides full data availability in the event of an adapter, cable, or RAID controller failure. In addition, with dual Fibre loops in a Fibre Channel disk array the Fibre Channel data rate can be effectively doubled to 400 MB/s.

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