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STOR Memory for Sun Servers - Overview

STOR Memory for Sun Servers

  • 35 Years of IBM Mission-Critical Memory
  • IBM Mainframes and Unix Platforms
  • Enterprise Memory Program
  • Systems Assurance Support Plan
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Seven Generations of Memory

For 35 years, Cambex has been a premier independent provider of enterprise server and mainframe memory. Through seven generations, up to the latest high-end servers and mainframes, we have continued to provide our customers with the highest quality and value. The world's leading companies have taken advantage of cost savings of up to 50% off of OEM memory prices when upgrading or purchasing their Sun systems.

STOR Memory for Sun: The Proven Alternative

Cambex has installed its STOR series memory at thousands of mission-critical sites in the last three decades. We know the meaning of reliability and availability and are constantly "raising the bar" to meet the demands of the 24x7 global market. As a Sun iForce Partner, we can guarantee that our memory is fully compatible in form, fit, and function with SUN OEM products. STOR memory has been developed for virtually the entire range of Sun servers, workstations, and UltraSPARC boards.

Systems Assurance Support Plan

Cambex customers, including many Fortune 1000 corporations, are highly sensitive to system availability because of the vital need for reliable information systems. Cambex addresses this need through its Systems Assurance Support Plan designed to maximize installation efficiency and on-going technical support through procedures developed and proven over 35 years.

  • Configuration review by technical support staff
  • Available on-site spares
  • Available 24 hour, 7 day support hotline
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Your Memory Partner

With over 35 years of experience supporting the memory and storage requirements of the most demanding corporate and government applications, we understand your need to combine value with the highest levels of quality and service.

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