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FibreQuik HB2000 Fibre Channel Hub - Overview

FibreQuik™ HB2000 Digital Hub

  • Eight Port Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Hub for Building Storage Area Networks 
  • Supports 1.0625 Gigabit/sec Full Duplex Data Transfer Rates 
  • User Configurable, Hot-Swappable Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) Based Ports 
  • Digital Re-timing Architecture Eliminates Signal Jitter, Enhancing Network Cabling Distances 
  • Clock Recovery on All Ports Allows Multiple Hubs to be Cascaded Providing up to 126 Useable Ports 
  • Automatic Bypass of Unused or Disruptive Ports Ensures Network Integrity 
  • Supports All Fibre Channel Classes of Service 
  • Plug and Play Installation for Easy Deployment 
Cambex PC2000 HBA
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Fibre Channel is rapidly replacing SCSI as the preferred way to access the vast amounts of data storage required by data intensive applications such as the Internet, e-commerce, online transaction processing, multimedia, and data warehousing. Fibre Channel provides compelling benefits including improved performance, availability, scalability, and data sharing. The FibreQuickä HB2000 digital hub facilitates the implementation of gigabit speed, Fibre Channel-based Storage Area Networks (SAN). With eight user configurable Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) ports, users are able to easily create star topology networks for connecting multiple servers and storage devices and can easily add and remove devices from the network without disrupting the integrity of the SAN.

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