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FibreQuik HB2000 Fibre Channel Hub - Features

FibreQuik™ HB2000 Digital Hub

  • Eight Port Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Hub for Building Storage Area Networks 
  • Supports 1.0625 Gigabit/sec Full Duplex Data Transfer Rates 
  • User Configurable, Hot-Swappable Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) Based Ports 
  • Digital Re-timing Architecture Eliminates Signal Jitter, Enhancing Network Cabling Distances 
  • Clock Recovery on All Ports Allows Multiple Hubs to be Cascaded Providing up to 126 Useable Ports 
  • Automatic Bypass of Unused or Disruptive Ports Ensures Network Integrity 
  • Supports All Fibre Channel Classes of Service 
  • Plug and Play Installation for Easy Deployment 
Cambex PC2000 HBA
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The FibreQuik Performance Edge

The FibreQuik HB2000 hub provides full duplex 1.0625 gigabit per second Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) data transfers. The hub digitally recovers and amplifies valid Fibre Channel data signals virtually eliminating all signal jitter. Its digital re-timing architecture provides clock recovery on all ports allowing multiple hubs to be cascaded providing connectivity for up to 126 devices in a FC-AL and ensuring reliable operation at longer cabling distances.

To provide optimal performance in SAN environments, the FibreQuik HB2000 digitally monitors for invalid Fibre Channel data and automatically isolates and bypasses ports that may disrupt the rest of the Storage Area Network. Just as unused ports or ports with disruptive devices are automatically removed from the FC-AL, newly added devices are automatically inserted onto the loop providing a true plug-and-play SAN interconnect product.

FibreQuik Compatibility

The FibreQuik HB2000 is compatible with leading Fibre Channel host bus adapters, disk storage arrays and tape libraries. It supports Fibre Channel classes of service 1, 2 and 3 and is fully ANSI X3T11 FC-AL standards compatible. The HB2000's GBIC interfaces provide the user with the highest level of cabling flexibility and product interoperability as each port can be configured with any mix of copper or fiber optic interfaces. The GBIC interfaces are hot-swappable allowing easy reconfiguration and zero downtime maintenance in the field.

The FibreQuik HB2000 is available in table top or rack mountable configurations. Two HB2000S.rack mounted side by side consume only a single 1U space in a 19" rack.

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