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Mainframe Rehosting Service

As part of our strategy to optimize storage network productivity and application performance, we have partnered with Sun Microsystems to deliver mainframe rehosting solutions and legacy application modernization services.  With no real competitors left in the mainframe business, current mainframe users are locked into proprietary computing environments where annual hardware and software costs significantly exceed those of open systems data centers. 

Migrating mainframe applications to SPARC®-based Sun FireTM servers has reduced annual hardware and software costs by as much as 75 percent. Return on investment is often less than 12 months while customers benefit from greater flexibility, scalability and often performance.

Cambex and its partners possess the experience, software tools and expertise to migrate business-critical applications from mainframes onto the Sun Fire server line.  With our rehosting model, application user interfaces are unchanged allowing customers to use their software without requiring any additional training.

The software used in our mainframe rehosting practice allows the customer to keep the value of proven CICS and batch applications, while dramatically reducing the costs associated with mainframes.

  • Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software provides a CICS compatible environment on Sun servers allowing existing CICS applications to run largely unchanged.
  • Sun Mainframe Batch Manager Software offers mainframe-like batch facilities with outstanding scalability and automatic JCL translation.  The software provides the administration, execution and management of the batch workload, along with facilities that allow the integration of third-party system management software components.

In many instances mainframe rehosting to Sun servers does not require modification of existing applications.  In other cases, application modification may be necessary or desired.  Cambex's Legacy Application Modernization practice uses automated tools including converters, parsers and analyzers to reduce the risk, time and cost associated with legacy modernization.  Mainframe applications that we can migrate to modern J2EE architectures include:

CICS Cobol DB2

In addition to providing the mainframe rehosting and legacy modernization services, we provide the Sun servers, storage, and SAN optimization services that will enable optimal performance, reliability, and productivity of your applications.

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