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Dynamic Path Failover (DPF) - Overview

Dynamic Path FailoverTM Software

High Reliability - Total Availability - Superior Performance

  • Superior Availability and Performance For Mission-Critical IBM AIX Environments
  • 100% Data Availability upon the Failure of Any Components in the Storage Path
  • Supports Dual Active Data Paths, Effectively Doubling Storage Bandwidth
  • Data Path Failure and Recovery Operations are Transparent to Host Applications
  • Compatible with Cambex and IBM Fibre Channel HBAs
DPF software image
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The Cambex Availability Edge

Cambex’s host-based Dynamic Path Failover (DPF) software provides an application transparent mechanism for implementing fault-resilient storage applications in IBM AIX environments. When used with industry leading RAID arrays and two host bus adapters (HBAs) per server, DPF eliminates all single points-of-failure from the server to the storage subsystem. The software provides full data availability in the event of an HBA, cable, switch, RAID controller or other storage path failure. Data path failovers and subsequent recoveries when the path is restored are fully automatic and transparent to the host. DPF’s storage path management consists of an independent software layer that isolates and protects the multipathing software from conflicts with file systems, volume managers or adapter drivers.

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