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Dynamic Path Failover (DPF) - Features

Dynamic Path FailoverTM Software

High Reliability - Total Availability - Superior Performance

  • Superior Availability and Performance For Mission-Critical IBM AIX Environments
  • 100% Data Availability upon the Failure of Any Components in the Storage Path
  • Supports Dual Active Data Paths, Effectively Doubling Storage Bandwidth
  • Data Path Failure and Recovery Operations are Transparent to Host Applications
  • Compatible with Cambex and IBM Fibre Channel HBAs
DPF software image
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High Availability Storage and Double the Performance

Unlike most other host-based failover implementations, Cambex’s DPF operates in Active - Active mode to provide the highest possible storage performance. When configured with a pair of 2Gb Fibre Channel HBAs, DPF can effectively double the storage-to-server data bandwidth to 800 MB/s in full-duplex operation. Enhanced SCSI protocol support increases SCSI command queue depths to further optimize performance.

Superior Compatibility and Ease Of Use

DPF runs on all IBM pSeries and RS/6000 machines and is fully compatible with all versions of the IBM AIX operating system currently supported by IBM. It can utilize both Cambex and IBM Fibre Channel HBAs giving the user total flexibility when purchasing Fibre Channel adapters.

Using standard AIX tools, DPF software is easy to install and use requiring no external consulting or training. The intelligent auto-discovery feature identifies all current storage paths upon installation and setup, avoiding any error-prone click-and-drag configuration requirements. Detailed information on storage paths and their status is fully integrated with and displayed at the storage management console or user interface. Load balancing parameters for critical LUN paths are easily configured and changed for reliable, predictable application performance.

Uninterruped Access

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