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Dynamic Path Failover (DPF) - Specifications

Dynamic Path FailoverTM Software

High Reliability - Total Availability - Superior Performance

  • Superior Availability and Performance For Mission-Critical IBM AIX Environments
  • 100% Data Availability upon the Failure of Any Components in the Storage Path
  • Supports Dual Active Data Paths, Effectively Doubling Storage Bandwidth
  • Data Path Failure and Recovery Operations are Transparent to Host Applications
  • Compatible with Cambex and IBM Fibre Channel HBAs
DPF software image
Overview Features Specifications Warranty

Server Support: All IBM pSeries and RS/6000 servers running AIX
Operating System
IBM AIX 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 including LPAR support
HBA Support: IBM FCS Fibre Channel HBAs, Cambex Fibrequik PC4000, PC2000 and PC1000 Fibre Channel HBAs
Storage Support*: HP StorageWorks EVA, Sun/STK D-series and Flexline, DotHill, Fujitsu Eternus and GR series, Infortrend EonStor, Xiotech Magnitude arrays and many others*
Cluster Support: HACMP 5.1
* Contact Cambex for supported models

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