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Mainframe Rehosting Service - Success Stories

Mainframe Rehosting Success Stories

  • Affina (Customer Relationship Management)
    “By using Sun to move our applications from the mainframe environment, we significantly reduced costs and gained control over the reliability of our IT environment.” – Ron Nelson, Technical Manager, Information Technologies, AFFINA
  • Atlantic Blue Cross Care (Health Care)
    “Moving off the mainframe has brought us a more cost-effective means of managing our IT system and easier access to information for our users. We now have a system that will scale to our future needs, enabling our company to manage our information needs today and grow easily.” – Don McPhee, Director of Technical Services, Atlantic Blue Cross Care.
  • Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT) (Finance/Banking)
    “Sun is a trusted name in open systems environments and we knew our applications would run efficiently on this platform, helping reduce operating costs.” – CTO BIAT
  • CASCO Co., Ltd. (Financial Services)
    “By replacing the mainframe with a Sun open systems environment, we have cut operating costs in half and doubled average processing capacity. If we had continued with the mainframe, we would not have converted our databases into relational databases, and would have incurred additional costs. The project has achieved exactly the results we aimed for, and even more.” – Kotaro Terada, Business Strategy General Manager, CASCO
  • CedCamera (Government Agency)
    “Closing down the mainframe and moving our applications to a Sun open systems environment is reducing our annual IT operating costs.” Attilio Sprela, Manager of ICT Operations CedCamera
  • Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha (CSO) (Insurance)
    “We were able to migrate our existing applications relatively quickly and painlessly since we didn’t need to rewrite them. Performance is better, and we have the ability to more completely separate our two divisions, which wasn’t possible on the mainframe.” – Eric Kennedy, CIO at Central States of Omaha
  • Defense Manpower Data Center, Department of Defense (Government Agency)
    “When we rehosted our application on the Sun system, the purchase price was significantly less than a mainframe and the computing power was larger. Sun’s technology allowed us to move a majority of our legacy applications seamlessly to the new platform.” – Bill Boggess, Chief of the Access & Authentication Program, Defense Manpower Data Center, Department of Defense
  • IOOF Investment Management Limited (Financial Services)
    “The reduction in IT operational costs has enabled IOOF to focus it’s investments on business growth and client-focused initiatives.” – Marshall Stephen, Head of Information Technology, IOOF
  • Ingegneria Sistemi Elaborazione (ISED) (Information Systems and Telecommunications)
    “The Sun solution has improved our ability to deliver systems and applications that optimize our customers’ IT infrastructure in critical areas such as health care, telecommunications, defense, and automation and control – areas that require reliable, efficient, and accurate information. Their precise requirements had outgrown the mainframe’s ability to deliver information.” – Raffaele Giannetti CEO ISED
  • Kirchman Corporation (Financial Services/Banking)
    “Migrating our established Kirchman Bankway application to the Sun open systems platform enables us to help our customers establish their core banking systems on a more cost-effective, high performance IT system. This has allowed us to assist a significant number of customers who are looking for ways to better manage and lower the cost of their computing environment, while achieving strategic business objectives.” – Mark Viselli, Senior Vice President, New Business Development, Kirchman Corporation
  • The Landrum Company (Financial Services/Banking)
    “The Sun alternative was the solution to several problems. It gave us all the new application functionality we were seeking while saving costs in many areas compared with the mainframe – maintenance, operating system license fees, floor space, electricity, and more. As a bonus, we got Sun’s reliability, scalability and performance.” – Jim Stock, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, The Landrum Company
  • Lloyd’s of London, Canada (Insurance)
    “Sun Microsystems provided Lloyd’s Canada with a new IT system that reduced costs and improved performance, and preserved the large investment in legacy applications.” Gary Hynes, Manager of Technical Support and Operations TELUS Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
  • Sony Italy (Electronics)
    “I believe that open systems represent the future of information systems. With Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing software, we were able to rehost our important business applications from our mainframe environment to Sun’s open systems, preserving our investment in legacy applications and providing us a clear path to the future.” – Dario Politi, Manager, Sony Italy Information Systems
  • TowneBank (Financial Services/Banking)
    “When we were evaluating whether a mainframe or open systems platform would serve the banks needs best, Sun was the only IT vendor whose products met the criteria for ease of migration, scalability, fault tolerance, and lower cost of operations. Because of the features, functions, and cost, Sun is the best solution for our bank.” –Keith Horton, Executive Vice President, TowneBank Technology and Operations
  • Transamerica Life Canada (Insurance)
    “Keeping customer records on the outsourced mainframe was extremely costly. By rehosting these applications on a Sun server using the Sun mainframe rehosting solution, we have reduced total costs by more than half.” – Naj Hirani, CIO Transamerica Life Canada
  • University of British Columbia (Higher Education)
    “With Sun’s hardware and software, we have established a very affordable, reliable IT system that will grow with the University. During the successful rehosting of our applications from the high-cost mainframe, there were no major disruptions to the people who relied on the IT system for important information. Today, thanks to Sun, we have a modern system that is very cost effective.” – Audrey Lindsay, Associate Registrar, Director Student Systems, University of British Columbia
  • University of Northern Iowa (Higher Education)
    “Sun has been a very reliable and cost-effective platform upon which we plan to build future applications.” Garry Bozylinsky, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, University of Northern Iowa
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